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In English

One year, 52 weeks. One space, 52 artists. ti-la2016 will show one artist every week of the year 2016.


As referenced by the name, ti-la is about time (ti ”Tuesday” – la ”Saturday”) and tila ”space”. To make history in the year before Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary, we have invited 52 artists (or artist groups) who will freely explore and test new ideas and/or forms of expression in an intense year of art. Through ti-la2016, we would like to make contemporary visual art into an exciting event for the audience/visitors, the artists and the organizers. Short exhibitions will bring new events to the city every week generating in the installation itself, a buzzing energy in the city and the art scene of Jyväskylä.

During the 52 weeks of 2016, ti-la2016 will show a sample of the current active art scene in Finland. Our only request of the artists is that they bring or create new work for their exhibition. The artists’ freedom is one of the key aspects of this project: allowing the artists unlimited freedom to create what they are inspired to make in this particular space at this particular moment is what gives this invitation an edge.

The list of artists is presented under the title TAITEILIJAT. The artists are presented in order of appearance or if you choose, you may surf through the artists by alphabetical order.

Everyone is welcome to visit ti-la2016 from Tuesday to Saturday every week of the year. The dates and times for the opening celebrations with each artist will be announced 2 weeks before the actual date. All events are free of charge.

Thank you for joining us for a year of mind blowing Finnish art!


ti-la2016 was awarded with a grant from Suomen Kulttuurirahasto 2/2015.