Tuesday Group

Asuinpaikkakunta / Ottawa, Toronto, Helsinki, Leicester
Paikkakunnalta / Gdynia, Puola; Ottawa, Kanada; Botoga, Colombia
Syntmävuosi / 2011

Background written be James Andean, co-founder of the group
The aim of this collective is to explore improvisation as a cross-disciplinary practice using sound, theatre, music, studio art, performance art, dance, film/video. TuesdayGroup is  multidisciplinary improvisation group, which began working together in September 2012 as part of an Arts University pilot project, combining improvisers from a range of artistic media and practices, including sound, music, theatre, performance art, dance, studio arts, film and video.The group’s practice involves performativity, in a full range of methods, relying heavily on personal engagement, both between performers, and between performer and spectator. The work also increasingly focuses on ’performing a space’, as opposed to simply ’performing in a space’: using the performance area as the focus of the performance itself, both in a very concrete manner – using the performance opportunities offered by a room and its contents, the walls, the floor, the plumbing,furniture, random objects, the lights, and so on – as well as in a broader sense of context, environment, and situation. In this way and others, the group is heavily involved with dissolving barriers: between media and artforms, between individual performance contributions, between performer and spectator – aiming for a collective experience, a collaborative sense of belonging, of now-ness, and of being part of a unique, transitory, and precious moment.

At ti-la2016 the Tuesday Group consisting of Marek Pluciennik and Alejandro Olarte will engage with local artist to perform in the ti-la gallery. Alejandro Olarte, sound artist and Marek Pluciennik moving image artist will use analogue and digital devices to improvise with local painters,dancers,actors, musicians, video and film artists. The duration of the performance will be around 60min, but can be also dictated by the performers. Live video feed projections from hand held camera, live and prerecord audio,  performative use of  16mm film projections coupled with reel to reel magnetic tape recorder will be used simultaneously with other performers interacting and improvising in the space.


Interview with the artists in English